Gary C.

Aurelius is honoring our hero, Gary C,  who joined the USMC in 2002. During his service, Gary was deployed four times to Iraq, Japan, Afghanistan, and Fallujah.  Gary’s number one goal with Aurelius was to be able to physically get back to a place where he had the capabilities and confidence to play with his children. Since their birth, his injuries from the Marine Corps would be aggravated from simple things like holding them and putting them in a car seat.   The adventure trip featured in the video was an emotional journey for Gary. Besides the physical demands of potentially summiting Imja Tse (Island Peak – (20,210 ft.), it was the first time he had left the country since his deployment in Fallujah, a place where Gary says “I was lucky to come home from.” Gary says it’s taken a lot of time to heal and adjust from his military career but he is now in a place where life is under control and manageable.   Watch the rest of Gary’s inspiring journey now.